Our Eyeglass Frame Collection Eyewear

The titanium allows frames to be up to 20% more flexible and up to 80% lighter than traditional metal frames. With their lightweight, frames are comfortable to wear and does not leave marks on the face. This is a robust material that resists impact of advantage that certainly increases the life of your eyeglass frame. Titanium is known for its hypoallergenic property, it is also used in the medical field. As a material that does not cause allergies, it is ideal for people sensitive to nickel or other materials which can trigger allergies. Finally Titanium is corrosion resistant, sweat and sea water will have no impact on the mount. FLEO Eyewear collections offer a wide choice of eyeglass Frame Titanium into pierced ranges rimmed and nylors for men and women. The models in this collection are suitable as well for a teenager to a senior. With the Titanium's properties, our FLEO Eyewear eyeglass frames offer their glasses wearers comfort and lightness for years!