Our Eyeglass Frame Collection Fleo Beta Titanium

Beta titanium is a titanium alloy ; it’s a more flexible and lightweight material than titanium. The branches are highly flexible, they return to their original shape even after a sharp twist. The FLEO Beta Titanium collection consists of a single model, available in several shapes and colors. Some models are female and other male but most models are mixed. The FL2015 frames are simple and very discreet, and fit all face shapes. They are ideal for people looking for a mount "invisible" and light. The only frame weighs only 10 grams, a real pleasure to wear

Our Eyeglass Frame Collection Eyewear

The titanium allows frames to be up to 20% more flexible and up to 80% lighter than traditional metal frames. With their lightweight, frames are comfortable to wear and does not leave marks on the face. This is a robust material that resists impact of advantage that certainly increases the life of your eyeglass frame. Titanium is known for its hypoallergenic property, it is also used in the medical field. As a material that does not cause allergies, it is ideal for people sensitive to nickel or other materials which can trigger allergies. Finally Titanium is corrosion resistant, sweat and sea water will have no impact on the mount. FLEO Eyewear collections offer a wide choice of eyeglass Frame Titanium into pierced ranges rimmed and nylors for men and women. The models in this collection are suitable as well for a teenager to a senior. With the Titanium's properties, our FLEO Eyewear eyeglass frames offer their glasses wearers comfort and lightness for years!

Our Eyeglass Frame Collection Fleo Carbone

Carbon is a recognized material for its two main technical characteristics: lightness and strength. Of assets sought by many eyeglass holders, so to Gp International developed an entire collection around this material Other advantages : Fibrous Carbon frames are anti-corrosive, they fear neither sweating nor sea water, and are highly resistant to heat. FLEO Carbone is a collection dedicated to me ; it is composed of a wide range of shapes and trendy colors. The eyeglass frame are developed in-rimmed ranges nylors and pierced with sober colors but also more original such as yellow, blue or red. All models of the collection are composed of a face or of a bridge in titanium and branches Carbon. For more comfort and stability, on some models, gum is embedded at the end of the branches.

Our Eyeglass Frame Collection Fleo Flex

Fleo Flex offers a range of exclusively male mount Titanium and Titanium Flex. Flex Titanium is a material known for its extreme flexibility. With this duo of qualitative materials, the eyeglass frame of FLEO Flex are more resistant to shocks that may suffer glasses. In this collection, you will find models with simple, clean lines and rimmed in nylors ranges.