GP International, your provider eyeglass frame in titanium and carbon

Our job: an optical frame supplier

Founded in 2008, GP International is an optical frame supplier for opticians. Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of glasses in titanium materials, in carbon and more recently in Ultem.
Since its start, our team creates and manufactures ever more efficient optical frames collections : we just want to satisfy our customer opticians with  top-quality eyeglass frame.
Design, robustness, technology and innovation are the four guidelines of our collections ; each year, we strive to develop our ranges by studying and analyzing the new trends of optician market.
You can directly discover our eyeglasses frame collection in the shop.

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Materials used: titanium, carbon and Ultem

For the design of our eyeglasses frame, we selected the most robust materials, lighter and more flexible to maximize the comfort of your customer.
Furthermore, Titanium and Carbon already have long proven that it is in the optics market but also in the medical environment, automotive, aviation...
These materials are appreciated for its strength and light weight, and also for their comfort and durability over time.
Ultem, meanwhile, has everything to prove. This is a new material that promises extreme lightness and flexibility.
For more details on materials used, please consult the technical specifications of our different brands.

Why choose the GP International collections?

We differentiate from the competition by the quality of our products, our customer-service and finally by our attractive prices.
We know the optical market’s rules and we follow its evolution in recent years.
This is why we offer quality products with very good value for your money.
As an expert professional in optics, we excel in your desire to satisfy you. Since our start, the loyalty of our customers is a strongh proof of your customer service.
Near the optics market, present at trade fairs in optics, we are listening to our customers and consumers, to develop and improve our creations together tomorrow.
Be seduced by our collections accessible in the shop.

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Contact our sales network !

In our professional shop, you can contact the representative sales in your area who will be happy to schedule an appointment for collection discovery. So you can get an idea of the quality of our eyeglass frame.

Choose GP International is choosing the pinnacle of top-quality eyeglass frame!

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